Good suspension properties are important for stabilization of insoluble actives such as zinc pyrithione and collagen, and suspension of beads, glitter or other aesthetic inclusions. 

Having a high low-shear viscosity is critical as it helps to maintain the stability of the dispersion.

Instability in dispersions can lead to separation of phases, sedimentation and effects aesthetics, shelf life and performance of the products.

Products from the KELTROL® CG xanthan gum family form complex molecular aggregates through hydrogen bonds and polymer entanglement. This network contributes high viscosity at low shear rates and therefore is excellent for providing stabilizing or suspension in personal care systems.  However, due to the pseudoplasticity of KELTROL xanthan gum, the viscosity is reduced in use, giving easy flow and spread properties.

The uniqueness of KELCOGEL® gellan gum is the ability to provide excellent suspension properties while contributing minimal viscosity via the formation of a uniquely functioning “fluid gel” network. This network, consisting of a low concentration of weakly associated molecules, is extremely pseudoplastic. At rest, the fluid gel has a very high apparent viscosity resulting in excellent suspension of insoluble ingredients. Because of the weak molecular associations, the network is easily disrupted upon agitation, resulting in a low viscosity, smooth pour and a light, refreshing skinfeel.

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