Products such as sunscreens, self-tanning products and hair styling products can often be applied via spraying.  Spraying is a high shear processes with a large extensional component.

Products formulated to have a low and constant extensional viscosity, will lead to better and more uniform spray patterns. KELTROL® CG-SFT xanthan gum is a specialty xanthan gum which demonstrates a low extensional viscosity. Due to its pseudoplastic character, it is a good choice for sprayable products where stabilization and good spray pattern is desired.

KELCOGEL® CG-LA gellan gum and KELGOGEL CG-HA gellan gum can form “fluid gels” when used at a concentration that are too low to form demoldable gel. The gellan gum molecules still associate forming a long-range network. Fluid gels are water-thin liquids exhibiting true yield stress. The fluid gels can be used in low viscosity systems like sprays where stabilizing or suspension properties are desired. These systems have shear thinning flow properties that are easy to spray, giving a wide spray pattern and broad coverage.

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