Within the personal care sector, Products such as lotions and hand sanitizers can be applied via pumping. The viscosity of such products defines how they flow from the container and also how they are applied to the body. 

How the product is dispensed from a container will depend on its viscosity response to the shear rate applied. Pumping, such as using a hand pump to dispense lotions is a moderate shear rate process. The KELTROL® CG xanthan gum family has pseudoplastic rheological properties that makes them easy to pump. CEKOL® cellulose gum can be selected to give good pumpability and have a more constant viscosity across various shear rates. CEKOL cellulose gum can also provide a continuous, non-lumpy pour, and a smooth honey-like rheology.  

Gelling polymers such as GENUVISCO® CG-131 carrageenan and KELCOGEL CG-LA gellan gum, can modify the flow pattern, giving shorter, non-stringy flow and a cleaner break.

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