Gelation is important in products such as hair gels, shower gels, shaving gels, face masks and patches. Gelling polymers such as GENUVISCO® CG carrageenan, GENUGEL® CG carrageenan and KELCOGEL® CG gellan gum can influence the texture and appearance of the final product.

The transition from a liquid state to gelled state is triggered by a controlled  association of gum molecules to form a three dimensional network in which water is entrapped. Depending on the hydrocolloid type,use level, ionic content of the system and processing conditions, the gel texture can range from soft to hard, elastic to brittle.

Gelling polymers are interesting in personal care applications as they can impart short flow (or good "snap") and a more structured or gelled rheology to the end product. They can also alter the look, feel, cling and consumer experience with the product. By selecting the proper hydrocolloid, gels can be created ranging from soft and spreadable, to hard and brittle, and anything in between. This technology can also be used to create innovative products such as shower gummies and gelled face masks or patches.

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