GENU® Pectin

GENU® Pectins are polysaccharides derived from naturally occurring structural components in fruits and vegetables. Pectin is well known by consumers and accepted as label friendly from their decades of use in food products.

GENU Pectin is first and foremost a gelling agent and is used to impart a gelled texture to products. The gelling ability is further utilized where a stabilization of multiphases are required, either in the final product or at an intermediate stage in the manufacturing process.

CP Kelco is a world-leading producer and supplier of pectin, a position built up by over half a century of continued excellence. GENU pectins have established their leading position as uniform gelling agents of high quality.

GENU® Pectin is a natural polysaccharide extracted from citrus peel. The sugar unit D-galacturonan forms the backbone of this group of complex materials. The presence of L-arabinan and D-galactan, along with different levels of esterification, gives each pectin different properties. These properties have led to GENU pectin’s wide-spread use in wound care and pharmaceutical markets, and now in a growing personal care market. GENU Pectin has been used as a demulcent and in many bandages designed to promote wound healing for decades. GENU pectins are finding increasing use, particularly as gelling agents, but also as viscosity builders, protective colloids and stabilizers in a variety of products.

GENU pHresh™ Pectin

Creating Optimum Skin Feel by Bringing Things Back Into Balance

After conducting scientific studies and careful analysis, CP Kelco discovered that nature has provided an ideal material to help the skin restore and maintain the acid mantle in the form of GENU pHresh™ Pectin.

Consumer testimony says it creates a fabulous and lasting skin feel.

The pH of GENU pHresh coincides with that of the skin’s natural acid mantle. However, what is remarkable about GENU pHresh is its ability to buffer to natural skin pH and the speed with which it can adjust skin pH, resulting in the skin feel that consumers enjoy.

Unlike other acidic materials such as alpha Hydroxy acid or citric acid, which penetrate the skin and cause irritations, GENU pHresh pectin is a long-chain polysaccharide which makes it exceptionally mild.

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