What If...?

CP Kelco, although a world-leading manufacturer of hydrocolloids, believes real innovation starts with an idea – a “What If….” But it can’t just be ideas, right?

Founded over 100 years ago, CP Kelco has continued on an indelible path of turning your What if… ideas into YOU CAN! Products.

What If… is about YOU, our Customer. CP Kelco is committed to helping create the next generation of products or improve upon existing products to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

The core of What if… is our ability to listen to your needs, capitalize on our internal capabilities and established application expertise and allow our talents to become your tools to implement successful, differentiated brands. Our goal as a partner is to provide the Best Choices for your brands so that your individual What if… becomes a YOU CAN! reality.

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What If... - CP Kelco
  • you could obtain a silk-like feel from an ingredient found in cabbage?
  • you could balance the skin's pH with a product from citrus peel?
  • you could create beauty masks from seaweed?